About Us


Transport systems can be objects of fascination to people of all ages, especially pre-school children and seniors, but also many in between.


Whatever your interest, whether it be railroad trains, planes, trucks, or anything that moves on or above the ground, you may currently not be able to observe them at your convenience, or at all. Until now (or, rather, soon.)


This is where TransportCams enters the picture.


We are currently assembling a statewide network of webcam operators, and we want this website to be the place fans will go to first for transport action in North Carolina.


To start with, we will feature a few existing webcam feeds not hosted by us. But as we grow, expect to see a lot more of our feeds.


Please volunteer to help if you're interested, and don't hesitate to give us your ideas.


Many of our archived videos are showing on our YouTube channel - TransportCams.